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Frequently asked questions

What is demand generation?
Demand generation is a marketing strategy focused on creating awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. It aims to build a consistent pipeline of high-quality leads by engaging potential customers through various marketing efforts, including content marketing, social media, events, and more.
What is the difference between demand generation and lead generation?
Demand generation focuses on creating awareness and interest in your products or services to attract potential customers. It’s about building brand visibility and nurturing prospects over time. Lead generation, on the other hand, aims to capture contact information from potential customers who have shown interest, converting them into actionable leads for the sales team to pursue.
Why choose WSL as your demand generation partner?
Our marketing and sales teams work hand in hand to craft the content assets you need, designed specifically to address your prospects’ pain points and needs. Our ultimate goal is to educate the right prospects and nurture them with a data-driven marketing approach, paving the way for high-value closures. Together, we’re focused on making meaningful connections that drive results.
Why do you need a demand-generation vendor?
Partnering with a demand generation vendor like WSL brings expertise, resources, and proven strategies to your marketing efforts. We help you create and execute comprehensive campaigns that effectively reach and engage your target audience. This partnership allows your team to focus on closing deals while we handle the complex and time-consuming task of generating demand and nurturing prospects.
How long do you need to run demand generation campaigns to see real results?
If we take average, optimal results are achieved between 3 and 6 months. A more exact time frame depends on the industry, product or service specifics, and your business goals.

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