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Tailor email campaigns
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Appointment scheduling

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Frequently asked questions

What is an appointment-setting service?
An appointment-setting service involves scheduling meetings between potential clients and your sales team. At WSL, we identify and qualify prospects, then arrange a time for them to discuss their needs with your team, ensuring you have a steady flow of high-quality leads ready for conversion.
Why should you outsource appointment-setting services?
Outsourcing appointment-setting services allows you to leverage specialized expertise and save on hiring and training in-house staff costs. It also ensures that your sales team can focus on closing deals rather than prospecting. At WSL, our experienced appointment setters deliver consistent, high-quality leads, maximizing your sales efficiency and growth potential.
Is an in-house or outsourced SDR team better?
Depends on your needs and resources. Maintaining an in-house sales team can eat into your budget, costing about $150K yearly. Conversely, outsourcing SDRs is more cost-effective, with expenses totaling around $40–50K annually. Another advantage of outsourcing is selecting experts with more profound niche knowledge. Plus, you’re relieved of the stress of training and infrastructure costs. At WSL, we boast a streamlined sales process, ensuring a predictable flow of leads each month so you can focus on what matters most—growing your business.
Why are our SDRs different from others?
Our SDRs work hand in hand with our data and marketing teams, giving them a deeper understanding of the market than other SDRs. This synergy enables them to generate more qualified appointments that convert into valuable opportunities for your business.
How do we ensure those appointments happen?
When the lead is ready to meet, our appointment setter suggests free slots from your calendar and sets up the meeting. Before the call itself, we ping the leads to confirm the appointment. If they still don’t show up, we follow up with them and offer to reschedule until they can meet.

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