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How does our account-based marketing process work?

Identifying and setting up key accounts

Identifying and setting up key accounts

We identify the ideal accounts with the highest revenue potential for your business using advanced analytics and cutting-edge technology. Our deep-dive approach uncovers the most promising opportunities, ensuring your ABM strategy is precise and tailored to achieve your goals.

Engaging and tracking lead behavior

We focus on building strong connections by understanding lead behavior. We actively engage with your leads and continuously monitor their activities, ensuring you align with their preferences, interests, and needs. Our data-driven insights ensure you tailor your strategies and content to boost lead nurturing, engagement, and conversion rates.
Campaign performance

Accelerating your sales process

We streamline your sales process by focusing on the most promising opportunities. With our data-driven insights, personalized communication, and streamlined workflows, we offer the right resources at the right moments to accounts that matter. This results in quicker and more successful deal closures, driving growth for your business.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Account-based marketing?
Account-based marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach that focuses on targeting specific high-value accounts rather than a broad audience. By personalizing marketing efforts to the needs and challenges of these key accounts, ABM aims to create more meaningful engagements and drive higher conversion rates.
What are the benefits of ABM?
ABM offers several benefits, including higher ROI, improved alignment between sales and marketing, and more efficient use of resources. It helps in creating personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with targeted accounts, leading to better engagement, faster sales cycles, and increased revenue from high-value clients.
How does marketing automation work in Account-based marketing?
Marketing automation in ABM involves using technology to streamline and enhance the execution of personalized marketing campaigns. It helps in segmenting target accounts, automating repetitive tasks, tracking engagement, and analyzing performance. This ensures timely and relevant communication, maximizing the effectiveness of your ABM strategy.
Why is the WSL ABM approach the best?
We gather data from various sources and produce in-house content crafted by industry-expert copywriters. Our content marketing approach is closely aligned with our Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), resulting in campaigns that yield higher ROI and successful outcomes.
How much does ABM cost?
The cost of hiring ABM experts varies from business to business. The answer depends on a few things:
  • What kind of accounts are you targeting? Is it a small business, mid-tier, or enterprise-level client?
  • How big of a market are you trying to cover? Are you looking at a local, regional, or national audience?
  • Do you want to integrate multiple channels into your ABM campaign or stick with email marketing and cold calling? Get in touch with us to get a quote!

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